Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Breakfast: just coffee
Lunch: Some chicken concoction that I made in crockpot! (chicken, artichoke hearts, onions, mushrooms, fresh pesto, and some organic farmer's market tomato sauce)
Snack: banana and handful of almonds
Dinner: Some more of the "chicken Concoction"

Can't remember the name just the pain!! ha
3 burpees and as many thrusters in a minute
I used a 15 kg bar and finished 100 in 18 something minutes... I think! It was all a blur after.
This work out kicked my ass! Good thing Bill told me to put the weight back when he saw me attempting to use more than just the bar!

I need to start drinking more water!! Now that I am back at work, I have slacked in that area.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


I haven't checked in for awhile. I did crossfit on Wed. but missed Thursday and Friday because of school and well, had to pack my husband to go on his week long fishing trip!!
I have been pretty consistent with eating meat, veggi, and egg meals.

Sunday I ran 2 miles at the Dam. Ate well
Monday: Someone was absent for babysitting (Grandpa..... :))

Tuesday: Crossfit
3 rounds
400 m run
21 kettle bell (12 kg)
12 pull-up (green band)
Time was 13 something. We last did Helen on Sept. 11 the and I used a white band; my time was 18:33. So improvement.... I probably could have used the 16 kg kettle bell though!!

Breakfast: egg Mcmuffin from DD. I ate only 1 muffin. I don't usually do that, but was starving. I skipped dinner last night.
Lunch: Lean beef w/organic tomato/Basil sauce from farmer market (yum)
Dinner: bowl of "dads" chicken soup
Snack: orange

Weight this morning was 153.6 I am getting real excited and eager to seeing the 140's. Oh, please happen soon!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sept 29

Breakfast: 3 scrambled eggs and 3 sausage links
Lunch: banana, 1/2 ounce of nuts
Dinner: a bowl of BBQ beef with some veggi cheese on top. I know, I know the BBQ sauce has alot if sugar...
snack: apple

100 push ups
100 squats
100 sit ups

We scaled it to 75 for me. I used the black assistance band for the pull-ups and the green for the push ups. My time was 17:12. I think that next work-out I will use the green assistance band and work on no assistance push-ups!!

I go back to work in 1 day and had to buy some new clothes today since I fit into NOTHING!! So depressing.... I gotta stay focused and get serious if this weight is ever gonna come off!!!!!!


Breakfast: banana and hard boiled egg
lunch: 2 hard boiled eggs, apple
Dinner: Veggi soup and sugar free applesauce

30 snatches (used 20kg bar)
I probably could have used more weight, but I am trying to work my way up again. I think that I need to start challenging myself in some of the WODS...

Monday, September 28, 2009


Ran 2 miles at Dam

Breakfast: banana
Lunch: 3 scrambled eggs, apple
Dinner: a small bowl of BBQ beef, a few cubes of Veggi cheese and some sugar free applesauce

Saturday, September 26, 2009

It's been a busy week. I am not sure when I last blogged, but I need to get back on track here.
I know that I Missed Crossfit Wednesday and Thursday, but went Friday

8 rounds for time:
7 handstand push ups (green/blue) (green/green) band
7 hang power clean (25 kg)
I believe that my time was 12 something

I am not working out tomorrow; going to Madison Farmers market.
I have been eating ok...Although I need to refocus!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Monday Sept 21

Ok, so I didn't post Sunday!! I ate ok, but ended the day with a few too many coronas!!! And no workout! So we'll call it a bust!!
But Monday: back on track....
Breakfast: 3 eggs w/ tsp of eggplant parm. veggies
lunch: apple
Dinner: taco meat, w/ veggies

And no Beers!!!!

press: 3 3 3 3 20, 25, 30,
5 rounds
10 box jumps (20 in)
10 sdhp (25 kg)
I forgot my finish time but it was around 8 minutes, I think!
Not a bad workout today. The last time I did some box jumps, I biffed big time, so I was a bit nervous!!
I havent weighed myself since my Corona binge. I will weigh, myself again at the end of the week. Hopefully I can manage to lose another pound or 2??? Last weigh in was 156...I have to see and say the number cuz, it motivates me to get my ass in shape!!